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Gootee Curve Tracer and Electronic Device and Component Tester/Analyzer

Make Easy & Cheap Printed Circuit Boards (PCB), with Laser Printer Toner Transfer

MANUALS: Service, Maintenance, Operator's, Calibration, and Technical Manuals

Building Inexpensive CNC Machines at Home

Spice Modeling and Simulation of Circuits and Components

Good Used ELECTRONIC TEST EQUIPMENT, Service Manuals, and New Components

Easiest Decade Resistor Box: Free On-Line Plans

HOW TO FIX the Fuzzy Trace on Your Tektronix 465 or 475 Scope!

Antique Radios and Electronics: My Collection

Simple Repair of Vacuum Tube Equipment

Testing ESR of Electrolytic Capacitors

How to Make a Really-Great Pizza!


Denise M. Gootee: March 3, 1954 -- January 28, 1999

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